(Introduction to Neuroscience: Medical Mysteries of the Mind.) This course is for beginning students interested in the study of neuroscience and in exploring the human brain in a rigorous interdisciplinary way. If you are intensely interested in how your brain helps you think, feel, sense, read, write, eat, sleep, dream, learn and move, this course is for you. You learn how brain dysfunction causes complex medical illnesses, like Alzheimer's, Stroke, Depression, and Schizophrenia. You meet Chicago's world-class neuroscientists through guest seminars and class-trips to famous laboratories. You debate ethical dilemmas that face society and dissect human brains. Lastly, you present your research on a brain topic at an interdisciplinary symposium and teach elementary children about how the brain works. One year each of high school biology and chemistry is recommended. Students who have taken BIOL130 will not receive credit for this course. Two discussion/lecture and two laboratory hours pe